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  • 1066-20, Eobang-Dong, Gimhae Ct., Gyeongsangnam-Do, R.O.K
  • +82 55 213 2968

Pyung Chang Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Pyung Chang machinery that raise your company`s fabric quality up.



It has been 30 years since the company started its business based on the spirit of business and the spirit of craftsmanship that products are the face of the company, and that they are everything of the company. Deeplu appreciate for love and kindness in PYUNG CHANG MACHINERY.

Since its establishment in 1975, we have designed, produced, assembled, and operated the best products based on the technology and know-how accumulated under the customer-oriented business philosophy of supplying the highest quality machines along with the development of Korea's textile processing industry. While Pyeongchang has acquired five patents, seven practical plans, a venture company registration, ISO 9001 certification, and a national industrial package, it is always capable of providing advanced research and development skills to enhance the competitiveness of its customers.

In the future, we invite you to participate in quality management and continuous research and development to further develop our product into a reliable manufacturer that delivers high-quality high-tech machinery to meet your needs.

Thank you again.

CEO Pyung chi je